Virtual Tournaments

Accessing Registration

To access registgration for a tournament, log into, go to the tournament, click the Registration and Scoring button and click Registration.

You must be associated with the school for tournament purposes to access registration.

Create Registration Entry

During the registratoin period go to the tournamnent registration and select the school. This wil create a registration entry for the school.

Group Configuration

These are the team groupings (elementary, middle, high, individual). Some tournaments allow multiple team groupings. Elementary, middle, or high teams that do on meet the minimum team qualification will be treated as an individual group.

Coach Contact Info

All BAIs assocated with your school for tournament purposes will be listed as a contact. YOu can also provide a tournament day contact.

Range Scoring Officials (New)

If you are having adults score at the target (with the app or with a paper scorecard) you must add them with their conact information. You can select active BAI or add a non-BAI scorer.

Each range official scorer added to your registratoin will receive an email with an activation link. They must click the activation link to accept and activate the range official scorer duty.

Once they have accepted range official duties for this tournament, range official scorers will receive an email with pin codes to use with the NASP® Portal

Archer Participant Roster

During the registration period, you can add archer particpants. Each archer must be added to one of the defined team groupings for the tournament.

Archers can be edited and moved amongst team groupings during the registration period.

Entering Scores (with the NASP® Portal App)

Range scoring officials defined within the school'sregistration will receive two pin codes that will activate Range Official scoring for the tournament in the NASP® Porgal app. If the range scoring official doesn't receive the email you can resend the pin code email from the Range Scoring Official section of registration.

Each range scoring official should download the NASP® Portal from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store prior to the start of scoring. The pin codes are unique for each scoring official.

To enable range official scoring in the app, click the menu icon at the top left in the app and select Range Official. Click the plus at the bottom right to and enter the two pin codes to add the tournamnet for scoring. Once the tournament has been added to the app, select the tournament and add archers to score. The archers will stay loaded in the app for the duration of scoring. Once all arrows have been entered the range official can remove the archer from their app.

After each end the range scoring official will select the arche in their app, select the end number, and enter all 5 arrows.

If target photos are required by the tournament, the range official will have to take a photo of the target before arrows are pulled with the app during the score submisstion process.

It is recommened that the archer keep their score on a paper scorecard even if using the app. This will serve as a score backup.

Scores can only be submitted with the app during the tournament dates.

Entering Scores (By the coach on the website)

If adult range official scorers are used to score on paper at the target, you should enter the range official scorer into the registration.

After shooting the coach would take the paper scorecards and enter the total score and number of 10s into the registration on the website.

Scores can only be submitted on the website during the tournament dates.

Review Scores

After scores have been entered either with the NASP® Portal app or on the website, the coach should go to their registration and review the scores for accuracey.

Changing a Score

Once a score has been submitted by the NASP® Portal app or on the website, the score is locked.

To change a score the coach must unlock the score. In the registration go to Enter Scores and then click Unlock next to the archer's name. A reason must be entered and the original score is save to a log for admin review.

Once unlocked, a new score can be submitted using the NASP® Portal app or on the website by the coach.